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So I recently entered a competition being held by Taverham estate agents, the task was to photograph my take on the theme of "What makes a home?". Now for me it was always the kitchen that made the home, quite often it was the hub of the house, everyone would gather here at least twice a day and chat about their lives. It was the amazing smells that came from the kitchen that I still remember fondly today. I therefore decideed that my entry had to be about the kitchen, a nice clean and rustic kitchen with a strong women preparing dinner for the hungry family. I could think of nobody better top be my model than my own mother. The final photo turned out slightly different to my plans but still looks good, earning me second place in the competition. This second place prize was a gift card to Jessops, wasn't a huge prize but it paid for a new mount for my camera, so no complaints.

Here is the image that won me second place :

cooking mama

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Industrial Work In London

Last week I was in London on business. While there I decided to take a day for myself and photographing some sights that aren’t usually on the tourist guide book. I went looking for any great looking industrial buildings and commercial property in London that would be a fantastic addition to my portfolio.

I ventured around the docklands and most of Battersea to get these fantastic snaps. While much of the area wasn’t as rundown as I thought it would have been (which I suppose is a good thing really), it was nice to see some of these beautifully made buildings and be able to take such crisp photos on what was a typically grey day in the capital.

I’m hoping they’ll be good enough for competition soon so that I can finally have that chance of getting to travel over to Asia and photograph part of Cambodia. I’ll keep you all updated on how it goes.